Privacy Policy


      (1) "Personal data" or "personal information" refers to any information that is identified as related to the data subject or can be reasonably associated with a specific data subject directly or indirectly, and this information is processed by the website on behalf of the user. To avoid ambiguity, personal data includes sensitive personal information, but does not include anonymous data.
      (2) "Personal sensitive information" refers to the following information of the data subject:
            (a) Identity numbers issued by government agencies (including social insurance numbers, driver's license numbers or identity numbers issued by the state);
            (b) Financial account number, credit card number, debit card number and credit report information, regardless of whether the above information is provided with any necessary security code, access code, personal identification number or password;
            (c) Genetic and biometric data or health data.

2. Data collection methods

      (1) When the user registers the the website account, the user should provide the mobile phone number and email address as the account login name.If users do not provide the above information, they may not be able to register the website account and use the website service.
      (2) The website needs to record your bank account information and transaction information for the purpose that users can use the recharged balance to pay corresponding services for consumption.If the user disagrees with the aforementioned information recorded by the website, the user may not be able to use the recharged balance to pay and use the service.
      (3) In order to ensure the security of services provided to users and prevent viruses or other malicious programs, the website may need to record the types, methods, equipment models, IP addresses, equipment software version information, equipment identification codes, equipment identifiers, locations, network usage habits, equipment-related application information and other log information related to the website services used by users.If the user disagrees with the website to record the aforesaid information, the wind control verification may not be completed.
      (4) Under the following circumstances, according to relevant laws and regulations, the website may collect and use users' personal information according to law without obtaining users' consent:
            (a) It is related to fulfilling the obligations of national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the competent department of industry;
            (b) Directly related to crime investigation, prosecution, trial and judgment execution;
            (c) directly related to national defense security, public safety, public health and major public interests;
            (d) The personal information is disclosed to the public by users themselves;
            (e) Necessary for signing and performing contracts according to users;

3. Data Usage and Treatment Measures

      (1) Processing purpose: the website processes personal data on behalf of users in order to provide corresponding services according to the service agreement.
      (2) Processing time limit: the time limit of this agreement plus the time limit until the website should delete all personal data processed according to this agreement.
      (3) Data subject range: the subject of personal data provided by users or users' end users to the website through services, including but not limited to users' employees, contractors and end users.
      (4) Personal data type: Personal data provided by the user or the end user of the user to the website through services, including but not limited to the following contents:
            (a) User profile: name, telephone, email, password and profile picture;
            (b) Subject, description, participant IP address, equipment/hardware information in user conference, classroom or live broadcast data;
            (c) Cloud records: video, audio, text files and instant chat logs made by users;
            (d) Host name, host email, and media access control address of the equipment used.

4. Data retention period

      Once the service completed, at the customer's request, the website will return or delete personal data. Except those required to be retained by applicable laws and regulations.If the data's return or destruction is not feasible or prohibited by laws, regulations or rules, the website will take measures to prevent any further processing of such personal data (except those required by laws, regulations or rules to continue processing), and will continue to properly protect the personal data the website owns, keeps or controls.

5. Data Subject Request

      If the website receives a request from a data subject to access, correct, restrict, delete, transfer or stop processing its data, or withdraws its consent to data processing (such request is individually or collectively referred to as "data subject request"), the website will promptly notify the customer within the scope permitted by the applicable data protection law.
      If the website receives the above request from the data subject related to customer data, the website will advise the data subject to submit its request to the customer, and the customer should respond and solve such request.In order to avoid ambiguity, if the data subject has no right to obtain relief under the data protection law, the website is not obliged to accept such requests from the data subject.